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A data asset management consultancy that reveals your most valuable data assets, so you know where to focus.

Data Valuation Methodologies Keep Evolving

The oldest mathematical objects ever to have been found were bones of baboons with clearly defined notches between 25,000 and 35,000 years ago. While there are many theories as to what these notches represented, some believe that these are the earliest records of humans recording numerical data. …

Everyone says data is an asset, but few know what kind of asset data is

Data assets are talked about a lot, but few really understand what kind of asset data is. When you do understand it, you realise why most people don’t, and how we, the data community, can help them.

Data is everywhere

Data is revolutionising business, changing the way organisations work, the services they offer and the decisions leaders make. This trend is obvious in born-digital businesses like Netflix, Amazon and Uber. Their data is used to make recommendations, manage inventories or match capacity (drivers) to demand (passengers).

Understanding the value of your data assets

Data is often talked about as a lake — organisations are either building or sitting on data lakes, but the problem with this analogy is that not all data in the lake is equally valuable. From a valuation perspective it is much better to think about data pools. …

A lock surrounded by many keys

Lessons from Total Quality Management

What if a management approach existed that improved customer retention, made your organisation more efficient and gave you a competitive edge?


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