Today’s organisations are set up to manage their assets — roads, factories, machines, patents, food, people — to be successful. They’re great at making the right decisions about how to manage their assets.

But in our complex world, doing this well is getting harder and harder.

The key to making more of the right decisions is data. Everyone knows this. Business leaders always say data is a valuable asset, a critical asset for success. Unfortunately, data isn’t managed to the same standards as other assets.

Data is critical for decision-making, but is an invisible asset so is often treated as an afterthought. As the organisation changes, data assets aren’t adjusted to meet new demands. Investments go to technology, which is more tangible. Data goes misunderstood, under-appreciated and underinvested in.

That’s the problem we help our clients to solve. Our work makes the value of data easy for everyone in our client’s organisation to understand. At the same time, we put the foundations and tools in place so they can manage their data like any other asset. This combination creates the conditions for our clients to change their own organisations to be more data-driven, because no-one knows how to do that better than their own people.

We believe in the power of data-driven decisions to make people’s lives better, be they customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, local communities or future generations.

That’s why our purpose is to enable organisations to get the best return from their data assets.

We do this by making it easy for everyone, not just the data experts, to manage data like an asset, so everyone can make the right decisions more often.

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